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Here’s where I write stuff. Mostly about functional programming. But also sometimes about a book that a friend has recommended, or a dumb thought that my brain had.

is a command-line utility for searching plain-text data sets for lines that match a regular expression. Its name comes from the ed command g/re/p (globally search a regular expression and print), which has the same effect.

A common verb usage is the phrase "You can't
dead trees"—meaning one can more easily search through digital media, using tools such as
, than one could with a hard copy (i.e., one made from dead trees, paper).[22] Compare with google.

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Hi! Not sure how you got here but I’m glad you did 🌻

This site was built with GraphQL, Gatsby 2.0 and other cool stuff. It started as a project to see if I could make a Gatsby plugin that would render org-mode instead of Markdown files. Hoping to get that branch merged soon, along with upgrading this app to use TypeScript and ElasticSearch.

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